June 16, 2021

“Is He worth it?”

Acclaimed singer and songwriter Erskin performs his new song to inspire Christians to fearlessly share the Gospel in the face of persecution.


June 15, 2021

Discover America’s role in Bible prophecy!

Author Richard Pearson reveals what the Bible has to say about the End Times in “The Hour That Changes Everything.”


June 14, 2021

Uncover God’s prophetic plan and your place in it! Author Jeff Kinley inspires you to live with hope and encourages you to renew your passion for Christ during these...


June 11, 2021

Pursuing more adventure in your life? Ginger Stache, author and CCO of Joyce Meyer Ministries, inspires you to strive toward living a life full of big adventures in...


June 10, 2021

Seeking tips for a successful marriage? Husband and wife authors Royal and Kimberly L. McClinton provide practical steps for you to strengthen your godly relationship...


June 9, 2021

Men, it’s time to “Take it Back!”

Author Dr. Tim Clinton encourages men to step up and take back their rightful place as true followers of God.


June 8, 2021

Struggling to find peace in your life? Author Kay Wyma challenges you to a 30 day experiment with “The Peace Project” by exemplifying acts of thankfulness, kindness, and...


June 7, 2021

Fitness and Jesus!

Fitness instructor Laureen Trujillo shares practical tips for living your best life both physically and spiritually.


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