July 22, 2022

Bringing unity to the Church during times like these. Pastor Alan Hannah of Allegheny Center Alliance Church in Pittsburgh breaks down how believers can practically...


July 21, 2022

Uplifting and inspiring others with her gift of music. Christian violinist Jean Watson shares an encouraging message and performs her stunning new single from her...


July 20, 2022

Discover the hidden meanings of numbers that appear in the Bible. Author and Pastor Eric Eichinger examines the significance of specific numbers used throughout...


July 19, 2022

Providing hope to those longing to be healed. Author and Pastor Dr. Mark Chironna shares his personal journey of depression and anxiety, as he provides an inspirational...


July 18, 2022

Journey with Jesus and learn from the life of Peter. Author and teacher Jodie Niznik invites you to discover more about the Apostle Peter and how God can use imperfect...


July 15, 2022

What is God’s Grace and what does it mean for you? Author and Pastor Andrew Farley invites you to discover “The Grace Message” and how you can experience Jesus in every...


July 14, 2022

Lifting up Israel through prayer. Dr. Erez Soref, President of One For Israel, encourages you with his 31 day prayer guide to help support and uplift those who are...


July 13, 2022

Learn to resolve conflict and experience the kind of unity God wants for our lives. Author and conflict resolution specialist Oletha Barnett provides a different kind of...


July 12, 2022

Ever need life to just slow down and give you a moment? Humor writer Anna Lind Thomas offers a comical take on the lessons she’s learned in life and reminds us that God...


July 11, 2022

Author and Bible teacher Patrick Morley teaches you how to discern the Holy Spirit’s voice by eliminating the thoughts and feelings that keep trying to drag you down...


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